PyCon JP Patron Sponsorship

PyCon JP Patron Sponsorship is for individuals or startups who would like to help sponsor PyCon JP but cannot commit to the other sponsorship levels.

Becoming a patron sponsor has the following merits.

  • You get your name, icon, and URL in the PyCon JP Program Guide.
  • You get your patron link (name, image, URL) on the PyCon JP website.
  • You are introduced as a sponsor during the conference.

Bank Deposit Info

Please deposit ¥25,000 in the following bank account. Please include the deposit fee.

  • Bank Name: ジャパンネット銀行(0033)
  • Branch Name: すずめ支店(002)
  • Account Number: 7157053
  • Account Holder(kana): パイコンジェーピージッコウイインカイ
  • Account Holder(kanji): PyConJP実行委員会

PyCon JP Patron Sponsor Application