Keynote Speaker

Armin Ronacher

Armin Ronacher

Armin Ronacher is one of the founding members of the Pocoo Team, a group of enthusiastic Python developers responsible for the Sphinx Documentation Tool, the Jinja2 template engine and more. Recently he developed the Flask micro-framework. He is currently working for Fireteam, a game services company in London.

Slide:Happiness Through Ignorance
Time:Sep 15 09:45-10:45
Room:Room 230

小飼 弾 / Dan Kogai

Dan Kogai

Born in the same year as TCP/IP (1969), Dan Kogai is a well known author, blogger, and perlmonger in Japan. You can learn more about him at his english homepage.

Slide:Python as a Foreign Language
Time:Sep 16 14:00-15:00
Room:Room 433