PyCon JP Jobs Board

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The PyCon JP Jobs Board is dedicated to the job listings that PyCon Sponsors have open and are looking for talent. This is offered as a service for both sponsors (to advertise their) and for attendees and the Python community as a whole to help connect them with unique job opportunities.

Gold Sponsor


We are hiring Social Application Engineer. Let’s work together!

For more information, please see this URL:

Silver Sponsor


BeProud recruits developers who can go from design to code without outside direction. We think that creating good services and applications requires excellent programmers.

BeProud is a software development agency who has developed a large number of talented Pythonistas and achieving a high degree of satisfaction from our customers. Last year, BeProud released two new services, connpass and liblar and encourages active learning and community development through BPStudy, a monthly event for web developers.

We are currently recruiting Web Designers. Though we would require a large degree of Japanese fluency, please see our jobs page:


Google’s Cloud Platform team is hiring Solutions Architect to be based in Mountain View (USA). Solutions Architects helps to shape and deliver strategies to build mindshare and broad use of Google Cloud infrastructure (e.g. Google App Engine, Cloud Storage and BigQuery). See this URL for details:


This is an exciting opportunity to work for an IT company as a software engineer based in Tokyo.


Application engineer:

Will be involved with development of server-side with our engineers. Works include developing new features, apis, control panels for internal staff and our clients, massive log analysis, etc.

  • Language: Python, Pyramid, SqlAlchemy
  • DB: PostgreSQL, Postgis, mongodb
  • Employment Type: Full-time (condition depends on skills and experience)