Open Spaces

Open Space board

Open Space board

Language:Any language
Time:Sep 16 11:45-14:00
Room:All room
Topic:Any topic

What is an Open Space? Basically it is what you want it to be. During these meetings you can talk about whatever you want. Find a topic, gather a small audience and you have got yourself an open space meeting. The main difference between a talk and an open space meeting? There is no need to submit them in advance and it is more of a conversation rather than a presentation.

As open spaces are populair, we’ll have open spots in the program. The program manager will be responsible for handling requests so everyone will be informed about open space meetings during the conference. This will be done by a big information board at the information desk and is promoted during the event before breaks using the intercom system.

Most talks are related to development. For example: If you want to discuss something, or you need input on a specific problem, an open space might be the solution.